Our Approach

This is how we do it.

We take our partnerships seriously and devote our energy to our mutual success. We like to partner with likeminded people who share our values.

Step One

In Step One we like to get to know each other, explain who we are, what we do and how we do it. We also want to hear all about you, your products, innovation pipeline, company mission and brand goals.

Step Two

We take all the information you shared with us and do an in-depth market and retailer analysis. We build a 36 month top line growth plan and map out every step of the way.

Step Three

This is where we align on our goals and execution plan. We set expectations and key performance indicators, work through our contracts and plan out our future together.

Step Four

We are off to the races! Now the fun begins, we plan the work and work the plan. From new brand presentations with our top retail partners, daily account management, sales and marketing analysis to new item sell in!

Our Values

Understand Your Why

Have Ownership And Integrity

Think Creatively

Take Calculated Risks

Create Clarity And Collaboration

While we love all products and brands, we have some areas of high specialization.


We partner with industry leading beauty brands and bring them to life with our most trusted retail partners. These brands are the movers and shakers in trend, sustainability and inclusivity. It’s no wonder they quickly become top tier brands in the market.


Haircare isn’t just about your shampoos and conditioners anymore. We pride ourselves on collaborating with Haircare brands that focus on innovation and the entire haircare routine. From cleansing, treatments, serums and styling with hot tools and accessories we provide retailers with everything you need to level up your locks.


Wellness is the act of incorporating healthy habits on a daily basis to move you from surviving to thriving and our wellness brands provide you with the most trusted products to help you along your journey. We are always on the lookout for exceptional brands that put wellness at the top of their priority list.


We pride ourselves on partnering with trusted, natural, safe and thoughtfully made baby brands. The baby retail market can be overwhelming. With support from our credible retailers, we help consumers see past the noise by providing the best selection of the highest quality brands.